Feeling nosy? OK, I'll bite. I began my career as a web designer, cutting my teeth on markup and Photoshop mockups for e-commerce storefronts. Afterward, I got into print design. While that was fun, I was never quite satisfied with such a finalized and non-interactive product, so I eventually came back to the web. And I came back to quite a few changes, such as responsive design, CSS preprocessors, and an increased awareness of user experience.

My skillset is broad and lets me take a considered approach with every project. I always begin with pen and paper, exploring different ideas. I can mock up a UI quickly in Photoshop, Sketch, or even in-browser if time is a factor. From there I can build responsive, semantic web pages with progressive enhancement in mind. I have a programming logic foundation, and written enough code to be able to talk shop with developers, and I can write some respectable PHP, ASP, and even some C#.

When I'm not brushing up on my skills or working on a side project, I'm probably playing/making a video game (I keep it old school here), reading one of my many books, enjoying a relaxing drive, or practicing my guitar - badly (when I play my guitar, everyone else gently weeps). I believe in Oxford commas.