It's been ages since I've posted to the site. To be frank, a lot has happened between then and now and I'm just now in the beginnings of updating this site. Any previous blogposts have been removed, besides my first launch one. There's a few reasons why I haven't updated in a while and why I'm finally fixing this now.

First, I'm not a fan of the site in the condition it's in. It's very minimal and looks like it was slapped together over a weekend. Incidentally, it was. Second, the CMS I'm using is not great and I'm planning on switching to something a bit more robust. I've been looking at Craft, which looks promising. Third, I have a replenished vigor to take on and do more work, but it will be work that I'll be far more judicious about. I've fallen too many times into the trap of taking on work that I'm not excited about that winds up not being all that great for the same reason.

My plan for the next iteration of this site is to do something a bit more substantial while showcasing more recent work, and to post more frequently in the writing section. I plan on being a bit more open and critical than I was prior on this front. Until then, keep watching this space and I'm looking to have something up sooner rather than later. See you soon.

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