Alpine Tennis & Fitness

Alpine Tennis & Fitness

As the name implies, Alpine is a local tennis training facility and fitness center. A redesign of their site helped update their look to something more modern, and making it responsive ensures that it's device-friendly for the future. The previous site, while informative, lacked coherence and didn't have a clear call to action.

One of the key actions is to get more registrations for tennis lessons. Without the option to implement a direct method to register for lessons online, it was important to make sure that it was obvious that this was a place where you could not only play tennis, but learn how as well. A prominent "Learn to Play" link on the header accomplishes this.


It was also important to emphasize that any skill level is welcome. A few extra hints and tips were supplied for beginners unsure of what equipment they would need or how they should dress. Sometimes these things are confusing or overwhelming to newcomers, and some people may feel too nervous to ask these things, so easing that uncertainty can remove any hesitation and get those who are anxious to play ready to learn how.

As mentioned before, ensuring that the site was responsive was a priority, so the experience is significantly improved across all devices. No more pinch-zooming!


The Alpine Tennis & Fitness redesign has brought a more informative and user friendly website to their customers. Getting additional memberships to the club was a key goal, and with a more focused message while still managing to showcase the fitness center and their classes.