Digital Pathology


For Leica Biosystems, I was tasked with spearheading UX efforts for the redesign of the Digital Pathology section of the website. Digital Pathology is a fast emerging technology in the biosciences field, used primarily in research applications, and gaining traction amongst pathologists. The previous iteration of this section of the site, however, wasn't structured in a way that was beneficial to people looking to discover our products or why they should consider moving to a digital workflow.


A few problem areas we addressed were the old carousel banner, which served little purpose and only confused our usability test participants, a lack of comparison features at the product list and detail level, and including a comprehensive page template for our more high dollar items that featured more than just a handful of paragraphs about the product in question.


Our goal was to improve user focus while increasing customer inquiries, and while it's too early to gauge the success, we have received some positive feedback of the change and are looking forward to learning more about the design changes.