E-Commerce 'Quick Hits'


In early 2017, our team was in the early planning stages of the larger site redesign project that would dominate most of our time for the year, when we were curious as to what quick changes we could make to the site right away that could give us the biggest bang for buck.

We had reached out to our customer service team to see what kind of feedback they were getting users, and we were able to narrow the list down to about ten overarching pain points. Using this information, we compared on a 2x2/Kano chart style grid on what would give us the greatest benefit (and by extension, our users) while being easiest/quickest to implement.


After a bit of review, we landed on a few changes such as more prominent notifications when items are added to cart, a line-by-line quick order pad function that allowed easy entry of part numbers directly, increasing the prominence of discontinued product messaging, increased affordance of checkout tabs for better navigation, and decreasing the number of fields we normally required for account registration, which is a requirement to purchase.

With just a handful of changes over the course of a couple of weeks, we managed to increase revenue of our e-commerce stream by nearly three million dollars. Goes to show what even a small amount of UX can do for you!