Hi, my name is Scott and I am a user experience designer and researcher for the web. I am a former visual designer and front-end developer who transitioned into user experience in 2016. Industries I have worked with include software development, journalism, electrical supply, and currently life sciences/diagnostics. I have predominantly specialized in e-commerce, though I have done work in content strategy, marketing, and customer service as well.

I have never been satisfied in just “making” things for the web, but rather to be sure I am making useful things that actually solve problems. Addressing those problems is paramount, and requires actually getting to know the people who are, or will be, using the products I work on. In addition, accessibility is foundational to the work I do.

A lifelong midwesterner, I currently reside in the greater Chicago area. When I’m not designing for the web and conducting research, I’m either reading any manner of book, writing, learning photography, and toying around with my guitar while pretending I’m good at it (I’m not).