Hi, my name is Scott. The last name is pronounced “Raybur”, although I’m told by my former German colleagues that that’s wrong. And apparently it means “robber”.

I am a user experience researcher based out of the greater Chicago suburbs. My journey into UX research wasn’t a direct one…a visual designer with web design chops who decided to get into UX design, and then became laser-focused on research because I found it was the thing I enjoyed the most. I specialize in qualitative research, getting to know the end-users for who we build for, understanding their problems, and striving to involve them in the process of building out the products that are made for them. My research has helped increased e-commerce revenue, improved content engagement, reduced user effort, and boosted satisfaction in the products I’ve worked on. In turn, this means happier teams and leadership.

When I’m not doing research, you can find me with my nose in a book, or writing one, or learning how to compose music, or doing photography when I’m hiking out in the woods somewhere away from the sprawl. And I have a pretty cool Animal Crossing island too.