It’s alive!

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My new site is finally live! At least–as of this writing–partially. It’s learning to walk right now.

It’s easy to neglect your online portfolio, especially when you’re busy. The years between my last redesign and this one were eventful. Even so, I knew I wanted to update this thing, but…things happened. Or, “Just never got around to it”. However, I had reached a point last year where I had enough of it and began sketching some new designs. Being as self-critical as I am when it comes to working for the client of Me, I went through several iterations of this until I finally landed on something I liked.

That last bit was important. My previous site I had designed in 2015, and it had remained that way since. And frankly, I wasn’t happy with it. It was almost too minimal. I had a Process page, which having One Process™ is a pretty bold statement in the world of UX.

Some of my work projects were also quite old. I’ve since updated it with two from the second half of 2019. And I plan on approaching those in more of a case-study format than I had before. Early in my career I was more of a visual designer, but I’ve been solidly in User Experience since 2016 and I want to keep that going.

I also had a blog, the first time I ever implemented one, which I never used because I didn’t care for the CMS I had built it with. I told myself that I should’ve gone to WordPress, but part of me felt that I needed to do something “harder” or more “substantial”. Of course, having something that you can work with is better than having something that was impressive to make, but never used. That said, I’m now on WordPress, and glad I came back.

With that, I also plan on blogging more frequently. The state of UX, and more-so tech in general, leaves a lot to be desired. There has been a lot of shared writing in the UX field that I have not been too pleased with, some of it ethically dubious. I suppose I could’ve just created a Medium account to talk about these things, but I’m a bigger fan of owning what I make, and I’ve become less enthusiastic about that site as a platform lately. I’m also a big fan of my own site having its own identity (yes, my name is sideways on desktop on purpose).

With the new site, there are a few pages that I would like to update sooner rather than later. The posts for work projects are not quite what I had envisioned…I tried something in layout that didn’t work in development (or at least I didn’t know how to code it to work), but I was adamant about going live with something new while the match was struck. A few little issues aside, I’m happy with where it’s at and look forward to building more in the future.

Happy reading!