Image collage showcasing the Leica Biosystems logo and the main registration page.

Researching Registration

After the e-commerce upgrade on Leica Biosystems, we needed to address lagging user registrations. With a dedicated research effort and quick design, we did just that.

Screenshot of a Leica Biosystems product page, along with the Leica Biosystems logo.

Leica Biosystems e-commerce Platform

After remaining stagnant for some time, the Leica Biosystems e-commerce functionality received a major overhaul.

Image collage featuring two scan images from an article, a caption to them, and overlayed across both, the Knowledge Pathway logo.

Content Research

The 'Knowledge Pathway' content portal had only been a visual overhaul to an existing platform of articles and resources, but with no research to back up the structure. I looked into finding out more.